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Vine Users Can Now Embed Really Short Videos

Need a tiny slice of life or your next great movie masterpiece shared with the world? You’re in luck as of this week since Vine — known as “the Instagram of video” — now allows embedding of six-second long video clips all over the web, instead of limiting its reach to the two mainstays of social media, Facebook and Twitter.

In a bold move, the makers of the Vine app have expanded their users creative exposure to places like YouTube, a natural outlet for the video format where burgeoning auteurs can increase their reach and chances of going viral far beyond the relatively small followers-list of other social media outlets.

Not only are creative types applauding the move, but the entertainment industry has been sitting up and taking notice of Vine. Filmmakers are sending out tasty tidbits of indie ideas, putting their best foot forward put into an easily viewed six-second video hoping to be seen. The larger entertainment industry — never one to miss a marketing opportunity — are also getting in on the act, via creative promotions, behind-the-scenes clips and sneak peek vids of their latest blockbusters.

Even the lauded Tribeca Film Festival refuses to miss out on the action with the “Six Second Film Competition” (http://nofilmschool.com/2013/03/tribeca-vine-6-second-film/). Celebrities and actors have also grown to love Vine, bringing out their inner directors between takes, uploading creative skits and tiny films.

Still, with Vine firmly stuck in the land of mobile users — iPhone specifically — it’s unknown how far the trend of mini-filmmaking can go, but the Vine application is surely expanding its reach beyond personal social media going out where the world can see all it has to offer.