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The Top 5 Spots For Cycling In Singapore

Where can the whole family go do the best cycling routes Singapore? If you don’t have your own personal transport, don’t worry, bicycles can be rented in the parks. There are even very interesting ones – one big one for the whole family, a kind of modern rickshaw. Here we go?


Bedok Reservoire


The bike path is 4.3 km long and runs along the shores of a picturesque lake. This is a suitable uncomplicated track for children and beginner cyclists. You can stop anywhere, and arrange, for example, a picnic, admire the view, play or listen to birds.


East Coast Park


Cycling routes run along a scenic coastline of over 15 km is one of the best cycling routes Singapore. It is not necessary to drive the entire coast from start to finish. The path can be easily divided into sections corresponding to the desire and level of sports training of cyclists. It is recommended to start the trip from the old McDonald’s and towards to the Bedok Jetty. On the way, you can stop for a juice and a snack at the East Coast food center. If you drive all the way to the end, you will be able to observe local fishermen at their traditional activity.


Pulau Ubin


Singapore fans of cycling have chosen this pretty island for a long time. The routes may sometimes not be too easy, but still quite within the power of all family members. It is worth going here for rustic charm, granite rifts, coconut and rubber tree plantations, mangrove swamps, and traditional shrimp and fish farms. Bicycles are the most popular form of transport on the island, so finding a rental point is not a problem. You can get there by ferry from Changi terminal in 15 minutes. The dimensions of Palau Ubin are small, and it is not difficult to go around it in a day. Here you can have a picnic and even get up with a tent.


Upper Seletar Reservoir Park


This park is practically a corner of virgin nature in a big city. It is adored by fans of various sports such as walking, running, and of course cyclists. You will be surrounded by peace and quiet, the territory of the park is large, and the likelihood of meeting a crowd of athletes on your way is small. However, the long-tailed macaques, of which there are many, are likely to try to make friends with you. The park is perfect for both already advanced riders and beginners. By the way, it is considered an ideal place to learn to ride a bike.

West Coast Park


In addition to a specially created track for cyclists, there is an adventure park and playgrounds – in case the little ones get tired of pedaling quickly.