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Teaching students is a popular home based job

Students learn different subjects in school and their aptitude for each subject will vary. Many students do not perform well in some subject, and require personalized guidance. Their parents often have a busy schedule, so they cannot spend time teaching the student daily. Since the academic performance of the child could affect his future career, many parents are interested in finding a suitable tutor for their child. Thus teaching students online or at their home, has become a popular home based job Singapore since it is lucrative and offers great flexibility


Teaching options 

The tutor can choose to teach online or visit the student at his or her home to teach them offline. Teaching online is convenient for the tutor since he does not have to travel, though both the student and the tutor should invest in hardware and have a reliable internet connection. The student should also be able to fix any internet connectivity problems. In many cases, the student is very young, and is not familiar with computer hardware. In these cases, the tutor will visit the home of the student for a few hours twice, thrice or several times a week. For this, the tutor may also charge for the travel expenses, in addition to his fees for teaching.


Subjects taught

The tutors are teaching a wide range of subjects, so that students from different schools and colleges can easily find a suitable tutor. Usually the tutors are classified according to their specialization or level of education. Science tutors teach all sciences or individual subjects like physics, chemistry or biology. In Singapore, the popular languages are English, Malay, Hindi, Tamil while Humanities includes History, geography, social studies, economics and literature. Many parents are looking for math tutors for their student since some students do not get good grades. 


Qualifications and rates

The tutors can also be classified based on their educational qualification and experience. Usually undergraduate tutors are only allowed to teach primary level students. The rates which they can charge are also typically lower. For secondary and senior secondary students the tutors will be at least graduates, and can charge higher rates. For college students, usually only post graduate tutors are hired, who charge even higher hourly rates. The tutor’s tuition rates will also depend to a large extent on the academic performance of their students, tutors who can significantly improve the performance of the student, can charge a premium.


Finding jobs

Children are the biggest investment for parents, so many parents post their requirement for tutors online at Championtutors and similar websites. Tutors can apply for the various jobs which are posted online based on their qualification, experience and interest. Parents will shortlist a few tutors from the many tutors applying for a job, and these tutors will receive an sms or email alert. The parents will then communicate directly with the tutors to select one tutor. Championtutors charges a fee which is half the payment for the first billing cycle received by the tutor from the parent. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.