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Study tables for children should have inbuilt storage

The academic performance of a student will determine his or her future career and life to a great extent. Doing the homework properly and studying well for the exams will help the study get good grades in school and college. Hence parents in Singapore do everything they can to encourage their child to study well. They would like to find the best study table for kids Singapore for their child, so that their child is comfortable and enjoys studying. One of the factors which is often neglected, yet should be considered while purchasing a study table is the storage space available. 


Students are often using a large number of books while studying the different subjects. For each subject they have a text book and a book in which they write. The child is often referring to the text book while writing, so the table should have sufficient space for keeping the books. If the study table does not have storage space, the books which are not being used will also be kept on the table top. In addition to making the table look cluttered, this will greatly reduce the space available for keeping the book or paper on which the user is writing.


 If the free space on the table top is less, the user will not be able write comfortably, and this will affect the handwriting or drawing work which he is doing. While it is possible to store the books which are not being used in cupboards or shelves elsewhere in the room or house, the child will have to leave his table, every time he wishes to use a new book. This will be a distraction for the child, and he will waste his time. So it is better to have a table with built in storage so that the child can store all the books which he requires in the table itself. 


The user is also using pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers and other stationery, which should be easily accessible when the child is using the table. If these items are kept on the table top, they may fall off, or reduce the free space available for writing on the table. The pencils, pens and other items can be kept elsewhere, yet this will result in time wastage if the child is leaving the table repeatedly to get the stationery items he requires. Hence the table should have a provision for storage of stationery. Ideally the study desk should have drawers for storing the stationery items. 


Though study tables with built in storage like the Kidschamp Magicube may cost more compared to tables with no storage there are many benefits of using these tables. Since all the books and stationary items required by the child are being kept in the same table, the child does not have to get up from the table repeatedly to get the items he requires. This allows the child to concentrate better on the subject he is studying. The floor space which the study table with storage and without storage require is almost the same, yet having storage for books and other items is inbuilt, no storage will be required elsewhere.