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Most Preferred Affordable Gifts For Men In Singapore

Are you looking for a gift for a male friend or family member but don’t know what to get for him? No need to stress, because here is a list of affordable gifts that any Singaporean male would be thrilled to receive;

  1. Dumbbell set

A dumbbell set will be ideal for your male gym buddy, whether he is a beginner or an advanced trainer. If he’s not familiar with different weight plates, the best thing to do is to get the same size weights on each dumbbell and that would be optimal, to begin with. This will enable him to exercise with weights that are similar in weight and size. The best benefit of having a dumbbell set is that you can use them for a variety of exercises in your workout.

  1. Wireless speaker

A wireless speaker is a great gift for your music-loving male friend. It’s portable and he can bring it with him to the outdoors. He can listen to music in the shower or poolside. This Bluetooth speaker works on a rechargeable battery which is included in the package and has a high-quality sound that most speakers don’t have these days!

  1. Minimalist wristwatch

A minimalist wristwatch is a great gift for any man. It’s a fashionable accessory that can be worn on any occasion whether it’s a casual look or even dressing up. Men love wearing wristwatches as it saves them the hassle of keeping holding their mobile phones to check the time/date. It’s so convenient!

  1. Adjustable bow tie

What’s better than an adjustable bow tie in a present?! It is one of the ideal affordable gifts for men in Singapore for any male party-goers who want to make their unique style statement with their attire. This is a fantastic idea for any man who wants to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Succulent desk ornament

An attractive centerpiece will look great on any desk. The perfect gift for a birthday or a corporate gift, this succulent ornament will be great for showcasing your loved one’s personality and style.

  1. Car phone holder mount

If you’re into cars, there’s a practical gift that you can get for your car-loving male friend. It’s a car phone holder mount that is convenient for your loved one to make and receive calls while driving. It is mounted on the dashboard, so it doesn’t require any tools or drilling to install. Simply clip it onto the vehicle air vent and secure it with the suction cups that come with the package!

  1. Backpack

A backpack is a great gift for your male friend who likes to travel and explore the outdoors. It’s spacious, so it can be used for storing his stuff when he’s out traveling. It can also be used as a school bag or a work bag.

  1. Smartphone tripod

If you’re looking for something useful, this smartphone tripod will come in handy if you’re into photography! This is ideal for those who love taking photos with their smartphones. It is also a great gift for anyone who loves to take photos with their phones.

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