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How to Select An Online Hardware Store in Singapore

There are myriad ways to purchase the hardware you need, including your home improvement projects. The selection varies with each retailer, but they all offer something a little different. Some might specialise in home improvement and gardening needs while others focus on safety, bathroom needs, or DIY clothing needs. Aiming to simplify the process of finding an online hardware store in Singapore, Below are 8 tips for finding the right one for you.

1. Try a search engine.

A simple online search will help you find the best hardware store in Singapore. Be as specific as possible to refine your searches and make sure that it is an online hardware shop and not just an online DIY store. If your search returns hundreds of results, try adding more keywords or locations to narrow down your choices.

2. Dig deep into the detailed customer reviews.

What are customers’ opinions on the online shop? There are a number of places to find customer reviews, including Google, Facebook and local news websites. Also, take advantage of the add/review button on certain pages – this is one way to find out about a store’s prices and services before you make a purchase.

3. Do some research yourself to dig up more information about specific products.

You can also discover how the store’s prices compare to that of competitors by using the handy price filter on their comparison chart. This can be especially useful if you know exactly what you want and don’t want to waste time scanning the entire selection.

4. Look for a good return policy.

Be sure to read through your chosen online hardware store’s return policy – many large shops will have a liberal returns policy compared to mom & pop stores. This can be especially important when purchasing larger items like appliances and furniture.

5. Don’t forget to check out their customer service hours.

Most online stores have automated messaging systems that allow you to receive answers immediately. Some have live chat with customer service representatives available during certain hours, while others have 24/7 support via phone and email.

6. Check their warranty coverage.

Some online hardware stores offer a limited manufacturer’s warranty on certain items, but extended warranties are not generally common practice. That said, sales representatives might be willing to offer an extended warranty for an additional price.

7. Read their privacy policy.

While most online stores are fairly transparent with how they use your personal information, some stores have policies that don’t allow you to see certain personal details. In this case, you should read through the privacy policy carefully to understand exactly what is being gathered and how it will be used – these policies are usually listed on the store’s homepage.

8. Look for an online hardware store in Singapore that has a local presence.

There are a lot of great stores that aren’t located in Singapore, but you might also want to check out some local companies. You will likely have a much better warranty experience with a local store.


Online hardware stores might not be the first place you think of when buying items for your home, but they can offer great convenience and price savings. If you select one that offers a good selection of items at low prices and easy return policies, you will enjoy the process even more.