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Dream Career builder helps professionals find suitable jobs

Singapore is the financial hub of Asia and a large number of companies have their offices in Singapore. Hence Singapore offers excellent career opportunities for ambitious individuals who wish to work in some of the most reputed companies in the world, startups, and other businesses. However, conventional job search in Singapore is a time consuming and tedious process online and offline. The job seeker has to spend time searching for suitable opportunities and then apply for the job submitting his resume along with a cover letter. To overcome this problem, the Dream Career builder offers a number of services for job seekers which will help them find their dream job.


One of the most popular services offered is the curriculum vitae (CV) or resume distribution service. Employers are advertising job vacancies on different online and offline media. They also use other sources like placement agencies and referrals for hiring. Most professionals do not have the time to check the different media to find out the jobs which are available since they are usually employed and are busy all weekdays. So one alternative to ensure that the resume reaches businesses interested in hiring the professional is distributing the resume to a large number of businesses, placement agencies, and others


Most businesses are always interested in hiring hardworking skilled professionals who will contribute to business growth. So usually they will preserve all the resumes which they receive so that they can contact the professional for an interview or screening test if there is a vacancy. While a business may dismiss or fire an employee for various reasons, usually the employee will resign from his job for better opportunities or other reasons. In this case, instead of advertising the vacancy, the business will usually check the resumes which are already available with them, to find suitable candidates.


The team at Dream career-builder has many years of experience in recruitment, human resources, and talent search. Hence for the convenience of professionals who are interested in finding a job in Singapore, they will arrange to distribute the CV of the professional to thousands of businesses, recruiters, and placement agencies for a small fee. This will greatly increase the possibility that companies and placement agencies will contact the professional if they have a suitable vacancy. The professional does not have to waste time searching for suitable jobs and applying since he will be automatically contacted by recruiters.


Then based on the profile of the company, salary offered, job profile, the professional can decide whether he wishes to attend the interview or accept the job offer. The procedure for using the recruitment service is simple. The professional has to upload his resume, a cover letter, and pay the fees specified. Dream career-builder has the email ids of more than 100,000 businesses and recruiters in Singapore and surrounding areas. So based on the resume of the professional, they will send the resume to relevant businesses, placement agencies, which will make it easier to get the high paying challenging job the professional was looking for.