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Calvin-Kong physics tuition is one of the most reputed tuition centres

Calvin-Kong physics tuition is one of the most reputed tuition centres in Singapore

Many students are interested in a technology related career since there are many opportunities and the jobs pay well. However to get admission to a top technology college the student should get good marks in science subjects, specifically physics, chemistry and math. Many students do not have a natural aptitude for physics and also do not have anyone qualified at home to teach them physics. Hence they should consider taking physics tuition from a reputed tuition centre like Calvin Kong physics tuition, which has many years experience in teaching physics

Physics tuition for academic programs

The tuition centre is offering physics tuition for all levels and courses for physics students. O level physics includes science and pure physics. Other physics programmes which their tutors specialize in are integrated program (IP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and A level programs. Most students will forget 75% of what they learn within 48 hours. Hence the physics tuition programme is developed so that the student will understand and remember whatever he has learned for a long period of time. The videos are available, which can be reviewed any time to revise the concepts which are taught.

Methodology for physics tuition

To ensure that the students understand all the physics concepts taught to them and score well in the examination, the tuition centre has developed a very effective teaching methodology after a lot of research. The initial focus is on delivery of content and retention of the concepts which are taught to the students. After this the content is consolidated and a suitable examination strategy finalized. A wide range of teaching materials are provided like full notes with detailed explanation, concise summaries used for reviews, formula sheet for memorizing and colored notes for better learning.

Teaching staff for physics tuition.

The principal tutor Calvin Kong is a an experienced tutor with more than 12 years experience. The teaching staff at the tuition centre is well trained with Ministry of Education (MOE) teachers and authors of physics books. They offer online and offsite tuition depending on the convenience of the student. Students can also get personalized attention from the teachers if they require. The teachers will also check the proficiency of the students in the different physics subjects which they were taught, by testing the students. The answers of the students for the tests are marked personally by the tuition teachers, so that the students are aware of their mistakes, and correct them.

Physics lab,results and physics tuition

In the national exams in Singapore, the performance for the practical exams has a weight-age of 20% towards the final results. The tuition centre is unique compared to other physics tuition providers since it has a full fledged lab where students can practice for their practical exams. They can also improve the concepts for students who are interested in a physics career. The tuition center is confident of the effectiveness of the training which it provides and all their students are getting either a distinction or their grades are improved by three levels.

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