Teaching students is a popular home based job

Students learn different subjects in school and their aptitude for each subject will vary. Many students do not perform well in some subject, and require personalized guidance. Their parents often have a busy schedule, so they cannot spend time teaching the student daily. Since the academic performance of the child could affect his future career, many parents are interested in finding a suitable tutor for their child. Thus teaching students online or at their home, has become a popular home based job Singapore since it is lucrative and offers great flexibility


Teaching options 

The tutor can choose to teach online or visit the student at his or her home to teach them offline. Teaching online is convenient for the tutor since he does not have to travel, though both the student and the tutor should invest in hardware and have a reliable internet connection. The student should also be able to fix any internet connectivity problems. In many cases, the student is very young, and is not familiar with computer hardware. In these cases, the tutor will visit the home of the student for a few hours twice, thrice or several times a week. For this, the tutor may also charge for the travel expenses, in addition to his fees for teaching.


Subjects taught

The tutors are teaching a wide range of subjects, so that students from different schools and colleges can easily find a suitable tutor. Usually the tutors are classified according to their specialization or level of education. Science tutors teach all sciences or individual subjects like physics, chemistry or biology. In Singapore, the popular languages are English, Malay, Hindi, Tamil while Humanities includes History, geography, social studies, economics and literature. Many parents are looking for math tutors for their student since some students do not

Study tables for children should have inbuilt storage

The academic performance of a student will determine his or her future career and life to a great extent. Doing the homework properly and studying well for the exams will help the study get good grades in school and college. Hence parents in Singapore do everything they can to encourage their child to study well. They would like to find the best study table for kids Singapore for their child, so that their child is comfortable and enjoys studying. One of the factors which is often neglected, yet should be considered while purchasing a study table is the storage space available. 


Students are often using a large number of books while studying the different subjects. For each subject they have a text book and a book in which they write. The child is often referring to the text book while writing, so the table should have sufficient space for keeping the books. If the study table does not have storage space, the books which are not being used will also be kept on the table top. In addition to making the table look cluttered, this will greatly reduce the space available for keeping the book or paper on which the user is writing.


 If the free space on the table top is less, the user will not be able write comfortably, and this will affect the handwriting or drawing work which he is doing. While it is possible to store the books which are not being used in cupboards or shelves elsewhere in the room or house, the child will have to leave his table, every time he wishes to use a new book. This will be a distraction for the child, and he will waste his time. So it is better to have a table with built

Dealing With Used Apple Computers and Laptops

Whether you’re looking to buy a new or used Apple computer or need to repair or upgrade the one you already have, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. Knowing as much information you can let you know you should move forward with what you want to do with confidence. This allows you to make the best decision when it comes to the future of your device so you can maintain it for a long time.


For example, when it comes to the maintenance of Apple devices, such as a MacBook repair, you need to have the proper training on what to do and what not to do. This includes knowing what tools you need for the procedure that needs to be accomplished. Almost needless to say, you should find a very professional company to deal with these matters.


Apple Laptop Maintenance


Even though these devices are some of the most difficult when it comes to dealing with them, they are incredibly durable and last a long time. Even so, when something does go wrong, it can be difficult to replace or maintain something that needs such. However, it’s not impossible, and many things you can do are easy enough. This includes opening the laptop and cleaning it up with a can of air spray.


Also, many older models are much easier to deal with, so keep this in mind if you’re thinking of buying a used one. In this way, you can even have a secondary device as a backup, while using the new one for better productivity and power efficiency. This definitely also helps with the total cost of ownership over time, which is important being that these machines are at such a premium price for most people.


Apple Desktop Maintenance

Dream Career builder helps professionals find suitable jobs

Singapore is the financial hub of Asia and a large number of companies have their offices in Singapore. Hence Singapore offers excellent career opportunities for ambitious individuals who wish to work in some of the most reputed companies in the world, startups, and other businesses. However, conventional job search in Singapore is a time consuming and tedious process online and offline. The job seeker has to spend time searching for suitable opportunities and then apply for the job submitting his resume along with a cover letter. To overcome this problem, the Dream Career builder offers a number of services for job seekers which will help them find their dream job.


One of the most popular services offered is the curriculum vitae (CV) or resume distribution service. Employers are advertising job vacancies on different online and offline media. They also use other sources like placement agencies and referrals for hiring. Most professionals do not have the time to check the different media to find out the jobs which are available since they are usually employed and are busy all weekdays. So one alternative to ensure that the resume reaches businesses interested in hiring the professional is distributing the resume to a large number of businesses, placement agencies, and others


Most businesses are always interested in hiring hardworking skilled professionals who will contribute to business growth. So usually they will preserve all the resumes which they receive so that they can contact the professional for an interview or screening test if there is a vacancy. While a business may dismiss or fire an employee for various reasons, usually the employee will resign from his job for better opportunities or other reasons. In this case, instead of advertising the vacancy, the business will usually check the resumes which are already available

Walk in wardrobe Singapore- get an attractive and elegant wardrobe

During your home improvement project, you will need to pay special attention to the interiors of your bedroom because it is a place where you relax and rewind after working all through the day. Hence, the bedroom should have all the comfort, space and convenience that you need and for this you will need to add a high quality wardrobe in this room for offering you a large number of benefits. When exploring the various options that are available for your living space, you should select walk in wardrobe Singapore as it is the best most popular option for your bedroom. This is considered as a symbol of luxury, elegance and functionality as it has all the features that you need for getting a sense of order. Additionally, the walk in wardrobe will also make your home appear more attractive and luxurious while adding value to your property.

There are endless benefits that you will enjoy when you add a walk in wardrobe Singapore in your bedroom as it helps in transforming your room into an amazingly organized area of your home. The excellent walk in storage solution offered by Amare La Casa will give an instant makeover to your home and entire property at an affordable price. Moreover, these wardrobes are designed in an efficient manner for offering you ample space for organizing as well as storing all your belongings in a neat and organized manner. While helping you to store all the clothes, footwear and accessories into the wardrobe, you can also use this wardrobe as a dressing room because you can add a chair and mirror for getting the desired outcome. Additionally, you will enjoy some quality time while dressing up and enjoying your time inside the wardrobe so that you will enjoy your time getting ready …

Robotic vacuum cleaner for homes in Singapore

Many people in Singapore are leading a very busy life and have very little time for cleaning. A house that is not cleaned regularly is unhygienic and may also affect the social and professional status of those living in the house. So one way to save time while cleaning a house in Singapore is by purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner Singapore. Unlike most vacuum cleaners that are available in Singapore, which require a person to run it and remove the dirt, the robot cleaner will use the latest technology to remove dirt and debris from the area which has to be cleaned.


When switched on and left on the floor the robotic cleaner will automatically move on the floor which has to be cleaned to cover the entire surface. It will remove the dust and other dirt using the suction on the lower section. It has special sensors inbuilt so that it detects any obstacles like walls or large objects, it will change its direction so that it cleans the area around it. The powerful motor will remove even the smallest dust particles and dirt which are not easily visible. The family member does not have to waste time supervising the cleaning of the robotic cleaner, they can do other household chores or other work.


Periodically the cover of the robotic cleaner has to be removed, and the dirt and dust accumulated have to removed to empty this section. One of the main advantages of the robot vacuum-cleaner Singapore is that it has a rechargeable battery. So the robotic vacuum cleaner can be also used in areas where there is no electrical power connection. An indicator is provided to show the battery status, and it is advisable to recharge it every time it has been used, using the …

Things to Remember in Sending a Grand Opening Flower Stand

When one of your friends is throwing a huge grand opening party and you want to send out your congratulations, you know you would want to make a big impression. One awesome idea would be to send a grand opening flower stand Singapore to the person who is having a grand opening. Here are a few things to remember when you send the flower stand:


Know the Business

Better know what type of company it is before you send the grand opening flower stand Singapore. If you don’t, you may get confused as to what you must send the business. You know grand openings deserve nothing but the best especially if you can’t make it. If you send good-looking flowers, that more than makes up for your absence. It won’t take long to get to know the business anyway as you just need to ask a few questions. When you see that it is an eye shop or a milk tea place, then that is pretty explanatory. There is most likely no need to ask any further questions.


Make an Early Arrangement

Better make the arrangement of sending the flower stand as early as possible. You would not want the one you want to be already sold out. It would be better to seal the deal as early as possible so you will be assured of the delivery. That would prevent any last minute happenings that would prevent the delivery from taking place. You know you would be excited for the reaction of your friend when that person receives the grand opening flower stand Singapore.


Ask to Send Pictures

You would want to make sure the grand opening flower stand is sent in the manner that would want. Hence, why not ask the delivery person to

World’s First NFC Movie Ticketing Service Starts In Singapore

StarHub is to unveil the world’s first NFC movie ticketing service, in collaboration with Shaw Theatres. Starting this Saturday, SmartWallet (StarHub’s NFC mobile wallet) will allow movie fans to browse and book their favourite movies at Shaw Theatres on-the-go, with the added convenience of collecting their movie tickets with a single tap of their NFC smartphone.

Full press release as follows:

StarHub partners Shaw Theatres to offer world’s first NFC movie ticketing service

· StarHub NFC users can book and tap to print Shaw Theatres movie tickets
· StarHub NFC SIM card fees and Shaw Theatres ticket booking charge waived as launch promotion

Singapore, 4 April 2013 – StarHub, in collaboration with Shaw Theatres, today announced the enhancement of its mobile wallet, SmartWallet, with the world’s first NFC movie ticketing service. Beginning 6 April 2013, SmartWallet will allow movie fans to browse and book their favourite movies at Shaw Theatres on-the-go, with the added convenience of collecting their movie tickets with a single tap of their NFC smartphone.

“When StarHub launched SmartWallet in August last year, we were the first mobile operator in Asia Pacific to successfully integrate contactless payment and location-based digital couponing services into a single mobile app. Customer response has been positive and we are encouraged by the continued growth in sign-up rate,” said Ms Yeong Mun-Ling, Vice President of Business Strategy, StarHub. “In collaboration with Shaw Theatres, we are very pleased to unveil the world’s first NFC movie ticketing service that will allow our customers to conveniently book, pay for and tap to print movie tickets directly with SmartWallet. We are continually enhancing SmartWallet with more contactless payment and lifestyle options by working with like-minded partners who are committed to developing Singapore’s NFC mobile payment landscape.”

“We are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to

Vine Users Can Now Embed Really Short Videos

Need a tiny slice of life or your next great movie masterpiece shared with the world? You’re in luck as of this week since Vine — known as “the Instagram of video” — now allows embedding of six-second long video clips all over the web, instead of limiting its reach to the two mainstays of social media, Facebook and Twitter.

In a bold move, the makers of the Vine app have expanded their users creative exposure to places like YouTube, a natural outlet for the video format where burgeoning auteurs can increase their reach and chances of going viral far beyond the relatively small followers-list of other social media outlets.

Not only are creative types applauding the move, but the entertainment industry has been sitting up and taking notice of Vine. Filmmakers are sending out tasty tidbits of indie ideas, putting their best foot forward put into an easily viewed six-second video hoping to be seen. The larger entertainment industry — never one to miss a marketing opportunity — are also getting in on the act, via creative promotions, behind-the-scenes clips and sneak peek vids of their latest blockbusters.

Even the lauded Tribeca Film Festival refuses to miss out on the action with the “Six Second Film Competition” (http://nofilmschool.com/2013/03/tribeca-vine-6-second-film/). Celebrities and actors have also grown to love Vine, bringing out their inner directors between takes, uploading creative skits and tiny films.

Still, with Vine firmly stuck in the land of mobile users — iPhone specifically — it’s unknown how far the trend of mini-filmmaking can go, but the Vine application is surely expanding its reach beyond personal social media going out where the world can see all it has to offer.…

First WeChat TVC Aired In Singapore

Singapore, 22 April 2013 – WeChat, the touted all-rounder social messaging application created by China’s Tencent, plans to expand its users in Singapore’s growing market for smartphone applications with its first TV commercial in Singapore beginning 22 April 2013. WeChat’s growth is set to escalate, having already hit the 300 million user accounts milestone globally as of January 2013.

“We intend to increase the user adoption in Singapore through the airing of our first WeChat TVC in Singapore and hope to continually gain momentum here on top of our current base of users,” said Louis Song, Country Manager of Malaysia and Singapore in Tencent’s International Business Group. “Singapore is a very strong market like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Thailand – we are witnessing a sturdy growth in mobile application platforms.”

WeChat’s star-studded TVC for Malaysia Singapore features “Asia’s Dance King”, Show Lo and multi-talented artiste, Rainie Yang from Taiwan. The pair joined forces as WeChat’s “Super-Duo Ambassadors” to create a lot of excitement and buzz for this new mobile messaging application. Show and Rainie have been friends for a long time, and share a deep mutual understanding which allowed them to work closely together. In this 30-seconds TVC, Rainie and Show displayed romantic chemistry and playfulness through the use of WeChat’s simplest functions – text messaging, voice messaging and emoticon services. WeChat’s TVC illustrates how WeChat is designed to be convenient even in the midst of one’s busyness.

“‘Moments’ is one of my favorite WeChat features. I am able to keep in touch with the people I love by simply posting pictures from my daily life with captions to tell my stories, and I enjoy the communication that takes place when people start commenting on them,” Show said. Rainie likes the WeChat Group Chat function as it “conveniently lets …