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9 Tips to Choose the Right Corporate Video Production House

In fast-paced industries, video content stands out as a powerful communication tool. When it comes to choosing a corporate video production house in Singapore, there are several critical factors to consider. Here are 9 tips for selecting the right people for the job.

1. Review Their Portfolio and Check the Production Quality

Firstly, evaluate the output quality of the potential corporate video production company. Look at their portfolio and compare it with the standard you’d expect in TV or high-end cinema. Moreover, pay attention to details like the relevance of b-roll footage, the quality of interviews, lighting, and overall production value. Remember, the quality of your corporate video reflects your brand’s image.

2. Check Online Reviews and Customer Testimonials

The ease of working with a video production house is paramount. Moreover, their attitude during phone or in-person interactions can reveal a lot about their work ethic. You need a team that fits well with your company’s culture and understands your project’s objectives.

Another option is performing a quick search for their business online. Reading through testimonials and reviews from previous customers will show you what to expect when you hire them as a corporate video producer.

3. Check if the Company Specialises in Corporate Videos

It’s crucial to choose a company that specialises in corporate videos. Look through their portfolio and social media channels to see if their past projects align with your goals. After all, a company adept in one style of videography may not necessarily excel in another. So, ensure their expertise matches your specific needs.

4. Review Their Experience and Expertise

Experience matters. Ask about the company’s achievements, clients served and the quality of their past work. A seasoned corporate video production house will have impressive work experience that reflects their capability and style.

5. Ask About the Size of Their Crew

The size of the crew can impact both the production value and the budget. The number of personnel will depend on your project – be it a national ad or a smaller corporate video. A competent company will have the flexibility to adjust the crew size based on your project’s scale without compromising quality.

6. Review Their Script and Pre-Production Services

Find out if the company offers support in scriptwriting and pre-production planning. Their approach to developing the video flow, core messages, and logistics is crucial, especially if you expect them to lead in these areas.

7. Check if They Can Handle Your Demands

Consider whether the company has experience working with businesses of your scale. A corporate video producer accustomed to smaller projects may struggle with the demands of a large corporation and vice versa.

8. Go Through Their Production Process

Understanding their video production process is key. Ask about the company’s project timelines, speciality services and editing steps. Knowing their approach from start to finish will help set realistic expectations for the corporate video and foster effective communication.

9. Review Their Cost Against Your Budget

Of course, cost is also a significant factor when choosing a production house. While budget constraints are real, consider the value that a high-quality corporate video brings. The price should reflect the quality, effort, and potential return on investment.

Choose the Corporate Video Producer That Fits Your Needs

Selecting the right corporate video production company in Singapore involves a careful balance of quality, expertise, compatibility and budget. By considering these factors, you can ensure that your corporate video effectively communicates your brand’s message and values while resonating with your intended audience.