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4 Tips For A Healthier Lifestyle from London Weight Management

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Societal standards regarding body image have long plagued the minds of teenage girls and adult women, pressuring them into pursuing these ever-changing body trends in order to feel beautiful. Whether it was Marilyn Monroe’s full-figured hourglass shape or Kate Moss’s long and slim build, the media has glorified and perpetuated these unrealistic ideals of feminine beauty on women since the beginning of time.

However, in recent years, more women have been subscribing to the self-love movement as it swept through mainstream media and garnered international attention. There were many individuals posting unedited images of their bodies on social media depicting acceptance of their loose skin, stretch marks, acne and features that society perceived as flawed. The contemporary movement has presented women all over the world with the opportunity to place more value on their inner beauty, prioritise their mental and physical health, and release their unhealthy body image obsessions.

That being said, the culture of self-love should still be deeply rooted in reality without settling on feel-good solutions and denial. It is still important for us to acknowledge certain aspects of ourselves in which we are lacking, and look for healthy and practical ways to overcome these challenges. For example, while accepting that everybody is unique in their own ways is essential, an overweight person still has to address health concerns by exercising and having a well-balanced diet. If you are looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle through weight management, VR Media has got you covered with these tips.


1. Eat Mindfully and in Moderation

Eating responsibly by paying attention to portion sizes and the nutritional value of what you’re putting in your body can make a huge difference. Oftentimes, we don’t notice how a piece of fried chicken can easily be substituted for something healthier that can keep you just as full and even feel better after your meal. You can also try using smaller plates or bowls when portioning your food or eating slowly to avoid overeating. Most importantly, listen to your body and make healthier choices when planning your meals.


2. Exercise Regularly

Apart from burning calories to promote weight loss, regular exercise also improves your heart health, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and bone density. You can try various activities such as running, yoga, swimming or weightlifting to find something you enjoy and conquer the inertia to change your exercising habits. In addition, regular exercise improves your mood as well as relieves stress and anxiety, vastly enhancing your quality of life and keeps you feeling energised throughout your days.


3. Keep a Positive Attitude

If you want to achieve your health and fitness goals, being optimistic and having a positive self image can impact your success more than you realise. Positive thinking doesn’t mean ignoring realistic feedback about your body, it just means that you need to be patient with your journey and understand that slow progress is still progress. It’s easy to just turn to fad diets or supplements that curb your appetite, but it is important to remember that these only provide short-term weight loss and can cause nutritional deficiencies. In conclusion, it won’t always be smooth-sailing, but one bad day shouldn’t stop you from picking yourself up and soldiering on.


4. Consult Experts at London Weight Management

If you are struggling with achieving weight loss on your own, you can consider a weight management centre such as London Weight Management to help you meet your goals more efficiently. London Weight Management offers result-driven slimming solutions for those battling weight issues with a range of treatment plans that aim to give you a head start on your weight management journey. However, these weight management plans can’t give you long-term success unless you accompany them with regular exercise and a balanced diet. By creating a structured weight management program for yourself, it’ll be easier to see results and stay motivated throughout the whole process. Apart from their programs, London Weight Management also offers formulated products such as low-calorie and high-fibre meal replacements. If you are interested in meeting your weight loss objectives through professional advice and programs, you can reach out to London Weight Management and visit them at any of their outlets across Singapore.


Live a Healthy Lifestyle Today

With that, we have concluded our best four weight management tips that you can try to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Embarking on this journey can seem stressful and tough, but it can also be a fun process to rediscover a whole new you. Above all, it is important to practice self-love and be kind to yourself throughout the whole process.